“We are interested in finishing the court.”

“We are interested in completing the court.” José Mayans, leader of one of the two Unión por la Patria blocs, missed out Scenario of negotiations with the government A few hours later, after learning that Javier Mille will send the documents of Ariel Lijo and Manuel García-Mancilla to the Senate. The Formosa man raised the only objection, and attributed it to the women's bench, that they were two men, so that if the proposition succeeded, The High Court will continue to operate without female representation.

Lijo has relations with Cristina Kirchner's inner circle and Peronist governors, including Gildo Insfran of Formosa. Mayaner publicly assured, as well as other representatives of the Unión por la Patria in the Senate, that he learned about the two nominations through the media. A way to verify that at least the Peronist legislators did not participate in the conversations.

That was one of the points that made us leave, the other was the gender issue though There were no expressions of rejection on such a sensitive topic., as opposed to those that were immediately piled up from canyoneering by mega DNU or omnibus law. In that sense, in this case unlike the Civic Coalitionwithout seats in the Senate, the area that most vocally questioned Lijo's appointment.

“We are interested in completing the court and giving our opinion, as well as seeing people who may not cause a reaction or opposition. That it will be a guarantee in the sense that there will not be any kind of prosecution and it will not ignore unconstitutional issues.Mayan told FM Milenium and pointed to the current composition of the court, especially the majority consisting of Horacio Rosatti, Carlos Rosencrantz and Juan Carlos Maceda.

“This court has arrogated to itself the legislative power to revive a dead law. The court cannot do that.”, assured about the decision of the Judicial Council and noted that Ricardo Lorenzetti did not subscribe to that decision. “We need a court that respects the Constitution. The current court is hesitating regarding the ARS, it should have immediately said that the president cannot do it,” he added.

A qualified majority of two-thirds of the senators is required to confirm the documents of the judges of the High Court, viz. No candidate will prosper without the approval of at least a part of the Unión por la PatriaBetween the two blocs, it consolidates 33 legislators out of 72 in total. The government offered Lijo to fill the vacancy of Elena Hayton de Nolasco and Garcia-Mancilla to replace Maceda, who will turn 75 in December.

Mayan avoided expressing his personal position regarding Lijo and García Mancilla. “There is a very strong disagreement in the field of women.”He announced and showed readiness to reach an agreement with the ruling party. They gave us a name and something else. “They should open a reasonable negotiation scheme with which they can really talk and come to an agreement..

Other representatives of Unión por la Patria expressed a similar position. There was a meeting this Thursday in the Senate block offices, not of the 33, but of the members of the Committee on Agreements who met and others who were in Buenos Aires.

“It is the executive's problem, no block was consulted. “Let them tell us what they want and we'll see.”said Clarion The parliamentary sword mentioned in Christina Kirchner. Another lawmaker with judicial issues, a regular member of the territorial commissions, admitted that Lijo does not like “Unión por la Patria”.There are worse, there are also better. At least we know that, but I prefer not to express an opinion for now.”

From another part of Kirchnerism, they left the panorama open, with questions. “It is divided. Some are sympathetic to Lijo, believing that Lorenzetti will keep his word for once. For others, he is a criminal who at some point, even if there is an agreement, turns against him,” they referred to the connection between the federal judge and the former head of the Court. García-Mancilla was considered “unpopular” because of his conservative profile with Opus Dei, although he would have been the government's candidate if the talks had been successful.

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