Will Dollar General Be Open on Christmas Day in 2023?

With Christmas just around the corner, many shoppers are gearing up for last-minute holiday store runs. While Walmart and Sam’s Club might be the initial stops on your list, if you’re familiar with Dollar General, you know it’s the go-to spot for all your eleventh-hour needs. So, it’s natural to wonder, “Will Dollar General be open on Christmas Day 2023?”

Whether you’re on the hunt for festive decorations, stocking stuffers, or holiday treats, Dollar General is your reliable go-to. Despite your best efforts to plan ahead, there’s always that moment when you realize you forgot the batteries for the new remote control car. A quick trip to Dollar General is the solution, of course.

Now, what about Christmas Eve? Given that the budget-friendly store is open nearly seven days a week throughout the year, you might assume it’ll be open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. While specific hours may vary by location, shoppers can expect Dollar General stores to be open on Christmas Eve, possibly with reduced hours. As always, it’s advisable to check with your local Dollar General store or consult the store locator for accurate hours of operation and any ongoing promotions.

As for Christmas Day itself, this year, like many other major retailers, Dollar General will be closing its doors on Monday, December 25. They’ll resume regular business hours on Tuesday, December 26.

If you don’t have a Dollar General nearby, no worries. There are other stores that will be open on Christmas Day as well.

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