Americans Surprised by K-Battery Despite Driving 160,000 km


A hot topic reported by Car Scoups
Equipped with SK On battery… “No reduction in range of motion”

Ford F-150 Lightning equipped with SK On battery/Photo = Yonhap

The story of an American electric car driver who said that the battery remains in the same condition as when it was purchased even after 21 months of driving and 160,000 km became a hot topic.

According to Yonhap News on the 23rd, Car Scoops, an automotive media outlet, cited an article posted by a driver nicknamed “Helium” on the “F-150 Lightning Forum” with actual certification of the Ford F-150 Lightning assembly. the drivers did.

The driver said there was no reduction in mileage during the 2,500km trip from Missouri to Las Vegas due to variables such as weather or terrain.

He also shared his charging experience and said: “Usually I charge at home, but I don't charge up to 100 percent and manage that the battery level does not drop below 10 percent.”

In this regard, Kaskups said: “The condition of the battery is directly related to the condition of the engine” and “If the condition of the battery is not close to optimal, serious problems can occur.” He added that “maintaining 97% battery life even after 100,000 miles of driving could encourage the conversion to electric vehicles.”

The proof was published by the owner of Ford F-150 Lightning “Helium” / Photo = Yonhap

It is known that it is a 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning car equipped with SK On battery. This isn't the first time the F-150 Lightning experience has become a hot topic locally.

Last year, news of a rock concert in Detroit that was powered only by an F-150 Lightning battery made headlines. At the time, the band was using an F-150 Lightning for all the power needed for a three-hour performance, including amplifiers, speakers, instruments and monitors, with a remaining battery capacity of 92% after the performance.

Earlier in late 2022, when more than 1 million homes and businesses across Canada lost power due to high winds and heavy snow, the story of an Ontario F-150 Lightning owner who stayed home with 44 hours of battery life. became a hot topic.

At the time, the owner of the car said on Reddit, an American community website. “There was a 44-hour power outage in southern Ontario, but the F-150 Lightning saved us,” adding: “It kept the fridge, freezer, Wi-Fi, TV, etc. running for almost two days, “(even after the power supply) 65 percent battery left,” he said.

The battery installed in the F-150 Lightning is NCM9, which was developed by SK On for the first time in the world in 2020, and is a high-performance high-nickel battery with a nickel content of about 90% nickel-cobalt. and the manga. It can travel up to 514 km on a single charge, and safety is enhanced by SK On's Z-folding technology, which wraps the separator inside the battery in a zigzag pattern.

It previously received awards for innovation in car entertainment and safety and interior technology at CES 2022, the world's largest consumer electronics and IT show, and at CES 2023, innovation in vehicle technology and advanced mobility was achieved with the NCM9+. , which increases driving range and shortens charging time. I also received an award.

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(Good weather, good science) Will there be a Korean version of Neuralink? The “liquid metal” that the researchers focused on

This is Weather Sok Science, which provides easy-to-understand weather and scientific phenomena that interest us in our daily lives.

Neuralink, a brain neuroscience company founded by Elon Musk, recently announced that it had succeeded in implanting a semiconductor chip in the human brain and moving a computer mouse using only thoughts.

This BCI (brain-computer interface) technology places a chip in the head and controls an external computer using brain waves.

This involves opening the skull and inserting electrodes directly into the brain.

However, the semiconductor chip is made of hard metal, so there was a problem that it was foreign when implanted and caused inflammation and infection in the soft tissues of the brain.

There was also the limitation that brain damage interfered with signal transmission between nerve cells, making long-term use impossible.

A local research team has created a soft artificial electrode using an innovative method.

This is the use of liquid metal.

Remember the villainous T-1000 robot from Terminator 2?

It is a liquid metal robot that transforms from solid to liquid, from liquid to solid, and even comes to life while being filmed.

Researchers have created a semiconductor chip using this liquid metal.

It is a material that is not hard, but soft like jelly, so it is well suited to the soft characteristics of the brain.

Even if you put it in your brain, it doesn't feel foreign.

The electronic circuit that receives nerve signals from the brain was also made of liquid metal.

Given that human skulls have different shapes, researchers have developed a method for drawing electronic circuits on skulls for the first time.

It's engraved like a tattoo using a 3D printer that squeezes liquid metal.

The structure and location of the electronic circuit can be changed according to the patient's symptoms.

A wireless communication chip is built into the electronic circuit to provide Bluetooth-like connectivity without the need for a separate wired device.

You can analyze your brain waves in real time by holding your cell phone close to your head.

The researchers implanted nerve electrodes and electronic circuits in experimental mice and managed to stably transmit and receive nerve signals for eight months.

Although it lasted more than half the rat's life, its brain tissue was not damaged.

It is expected that this technology will be used in the future to treat patients with brain diseases.

It is explained that by implanting artificial electrodes in the brain of a Parkinson's patient and providing electrical stimulation, it is possible to treat symptoms such as hand tremors that return to normal.

It seems that the distant future of science and technology is not so far away. So far it's been “good weather, good science”.

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The TV industry surpasses Netflix in viewing time


Netflix is ​​number one in the industry.
Content successes like pyramid game and transit love
The British BBC also received positive reviews of “New Squid Game”.
A “blocking strategy” to ensure loyal customers
MAU increased 132% within 3 years of independent launch

/Photo = Getty Image Bank

502 minutes. This is the average time per person watching local online video service (OTT) Tving last month. This is 80 minutes more than the average Netflix viewing time per person (422 minutes) during the same period. This is the first time that TVING has surpassed the average viewing time of “absolute powerhouse” Netflix. Even in the OTT industry, there is talk that Tving's latest moves are unusual.

○ Competition against mainstay Netflix

At 23, TVING ranked first among domestic OTTs in average viewing time per person last month, ahead of Netflix, according to Mobile Index, a major data analytics platform. This is a 7% increase compared to February last year (469 minutes). In the same period, Netflix decreased by 14.1%, from 491 minutes to 422 minutes.

Until now, Tving's key metrics have never surpassed Netflix. The atmosphere has changed since this year. Tving's MAU reached an all-time high of 6.61 million last month. Having registered 6.56 million people in January, which is 12.6 percent more than the previous month, that number increased by 0.8 percent.

DAU growth rates are higher. Last month, Tving's DAU also reached 1.65 million, its highest ever. Compared to the previous month, the growth rate of DAU was 20.8% in January and 5.1% in February. Both MAU and DAU have broken their highest records for two consecutive months since last January.

Netflix's MAU is down from 13.06 million last December. This year, there were 12.82 million people in January and 12.52 million people in February, 1.8 and 2.3% less than the previous month, respectively. During the same period, DAU also decreased from 3.16 million to 3.07 million to 2.82 million. Compared to the previous month, DAU decreased by 2.8% in January, and by 8.1% in February of this year.

Internally, Teabing also rates this change as exceeding expectations. Since its independent launch in October 2020, TVING has grown its presence by an average of more than 33% every year for three years. Tving's MAU grew 132% last month compared to March 2021 at the start of its standalone launch.

○Original content success… Secure loyal customers

Teabing's beginnings were not glamorous. TVING was officially launched as CJ Hello Vision's Internet cable TV service in June 2010. It was a web-based offering of real-time streaming channels and video-on-demand (VOD). The concept of “TV Everywhere”, popular in the United States at the time, was imported to Korea. Since then, it has been established as a platform to watch CJ ENM related TV content such as tvN and Mnet online.

It became a proper OTT in October 2020 when it was launched as an independent corporation through a physical spin-off of the TVING division within CJ ENM. Major shareholders are: CJ ENM (48.85%), KT Studio Genie, Media Growth Capital No. 1, SLL JoongAng and Naver.

TVING official said. “We've recognized the importance of fandom since our inception as an independent corporation and have created a strategy to create fans of popular original content that is analyzed as a growth factor.” TVING has consistently produced “well-crafted” original content. It is credited with securing loyal customers by promoting “premium IP (intellectual property rights)” by releasing original content of artistic quality and popularity on a seasonal basis. Starting with the first original Girl's Chili Club, Drinker City Women, Yumi's Cells, and Transit Love are considered representative franchise IPs.

The original content “Pyramid Game” and “Lee Jae, I'm Dying Soon” presented by TVING this year also gained traction in the global market. “Pyramid Game” is a drama based on the popular Naver webtoon of the same name. It was recently the only K content invited to France's Series Mania. Britain's BBC analyzed the reason why the work is attracting worldwide attention, saying: “Pyramid” is a new “squid game” that shows the painful reality. “Lee Jae, I'm Dying Soon” ranked top 2 on Prime Video in the global TV show ratings, including the English and US regions.

Additionally, “transit love” is cited as a major player in dating reality syndrome. This year saw the release of the third series, “Transit Love 3”, which attracted a lot of attention. As of its 6th week of release, total viewing time is estimated to be 25% higher than last year's Transit Love 2.

In the future, we plan to engage sports enthusiasts as our core user base. On the 4th, Twing signed an agreement with the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) for the 2024-2026 cable and wireless broadcast rights of the KBO League. To watch KBO League games online, you must use TVING. An OTT industry official analyzed: “Interest in domestic OTT has increased significantly” and “There is a shift in the domestic OTT market which was focused on global OTT”.

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“Please Return Item Purchased from Daiso to Ministry of Food and Drug Safety”


Lotte Mart PB products were also recalled
Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. “If you bought it, you should return it”

Photo from Food Safety Country website

The plastic cups sold at Daiso were deemed unsuitable because they exceeded the polypropylene level. Bacteria were also found in original equipment manufacturing (OEM) sulfur products sold by Lotte Mart under its own brand (PB).

According to the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, on the 23rd, it announced that it will recall the plastic cup products sold at Daiso. The 280 ml “PP Cup” imported and sold by ASHMP was found to be unsuitable based on the total amount of dissolution. The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety conducts inspections to regulate harmful substances leaking from containers or packaging.

In addition, bacteria were found in 820g of Today's Good Mediterranean Eclipse, a PB product imported and sold by the Lotte Mart Business Division of Lotte Shopping. Expires on August 29, 2025.

Yubunara sold by Doosol Co., Ltd. has been found to be unsuitable for coliform bacteria. The Yesan District Office of South Chungcheong Province is in the process of recalling it. Products with an expiration date of December 14, 2024 are subject to recall.

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety urged sellers to stop selling the products and consumers to return them.

Choi Soo-jin, reporter

“A Terrifying Race Begins with 208 billion transistors – SBS News”

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Larry Summers: The Fed should not hurry to reduce interest rates

Former US Treasury Secretary Larry Summers expressed his position that the Federal Reserve should not be in a hurry to reduce interest rates, saying that the prospect of the Federal Reserve (Fed) reducing interest rates is ahead of schedule.

In an interview with Bloomberg TV on the 22nd (local time), former Secretary Summers said: “It looks like the Federal Reserve is going to start cutting interest rates, but I don't fully understand (its intentions),” referring to the bottom line. US indicators that remain strong.

“The unemployment rate is lower than the Fed thinks, and inflation is expected to remain above target for the next two years,” Summers said. “Gross domestic product (GDP) growth is growing faster than potential growth and is a common monetary measure. “It is at a very weak level,” he remarked.

Former Secretary Summers' remarks came after the Federal Reserve kept interest rates on hold at the 20th meeting of the Open Market Committee (FOMC) and then hinted at three rate cuts this year in a “dot chart” showing rate forecasts.

Summers said the Fed's new 2.6% “neutral rate” (the rate that can reach potential growth without overheating the economy or causing a recession) is too low and “outlandish.”

Summers said high-risk debt and large deficits are putting pressure on credit markets, and with increased private sector investment and a recent explosion in demand for artificial intelligence (AI) products, policymakers are increasingly looking at current policies as restrictive. diagnosed as impossible.

“With all that stimulus to demand, I don't understand why you think a neutral rate is essentially what we thought it would be four years ago,” he said.

Reporter Soo-jong Lee

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Woori Bank will pursue voluntary compensation of Hong Kong ELS as early as next week

Woori Bank accepts the Financial Supervisory Service's dispute resolution standards for ELS losses related to Hong Kong H-index securities and initiates voluntary compensation.

Woori Bank announced that it held a board meeting yesterday afternoon (22nd) and decided to initiate voluntary compensation.

We plan to contact investors whose losses have been confirmed as early as next week and continue compensation procedures.

Woori Bank announced that the first repayment period will start next month and that it will calculate the adjustment factor and pay the compensation as soon as possible.

Journalist Park Ji-woon (

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The Hankyoreh: “My Life Has Changed” – The First Patient to Receive a Neuralink Chip

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Shillazen accelerates research and development with increased financial resources – Deal site

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