SK Hynix collaborates with Nvidia to lead in mass production of 5th generation HBM technology

The world’s first mass production of HBM3E DRAM

“Best performance in both speed and heat management”
Expect to deliver new products to NVIDIA
Fierce competition with Samsung Electronics for leadership

▲ SK Hynix begins mass production of HBM3E for the first time in the world… Shipping to NVIDIA has begun
HBM3E DRAM. Unique news

SK Hynix announced that it will mass-produce HBM3E DRAM, a new 5th-generation high-bandwidth memory (HBM) product, for the first time in the world on a large scale, and will start shipping the products from the end of this month. It appears to be a move in line with US semiconductor company NVIDIA’s unveiling of its next-generation artificial intelligence (AI) chip, Blackwell.

On the 19th, SK Hynix announced that it will be the first memory company to mass-produce HBM3E, a new ultra-high-performance AI memory, and will begin shipping later this month. Seven months have passed since the development of HBM3E was announced in August of last year. Although the customer was not specifically identified, the product is expected to be supplied to Nvidia, the world’s largest semiconductor company.

According to SK Hynix, the HBM3E has the world’s best performance in all areas required for AI memory, including speed and thermal management. It processes up to 1.18 terabytes (TB) per second, which is equivalent to processing more than 230 full-definition (FHD) movies (5GB) of data per second. SK Hynix emphasized. “Following HBM3, we are the first to deliver HBM3E to customers, which realizes the highest performance DRAM available,” added: “We will continue to maintain our competitive edge in the AI ​​memory market with success. Mass-produced HBM3E”.

HBM is a high-performance memory that increases data processing speed by vertically connecting multiple DRAMs. It is developed in the following order: Generation 1 (HBM) – Generation 2 (HBM2) – Generation 3 (HBM2E) – Generation 4 (HBM3) – Generation 5 (HBM3E), and HBM3E It is an extended version of HBM3.

Previously, Micron Technology, the world’s third largest DRAM company, announced on the 26th of last month (local time) that it had started mass production of HBM3E, which will be installed in NVIDIA’s H200 graphics processing unit (GPU), which is expected to be released : in the second quarter of this year. However, mass production of the actual delivery of the HBM3E has not yet been completed. SK Hynix is ​​known to be the first.

Meanwhile, the HBM market is currently split between SK Hynix and Samsung Electronics. According to Taiwanese market research firm Trend Force, last year’s HBM market share is estimated at 53% for SK Hynix, 38% for Samsung Electronics and 9% for Micron. As the HBM3E market opens up this year, competition is expected to intensify.

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