What diet is best for my body?

Less should bring more – most people Diets work by reducing something eg Fett: or carbohydrates. Timing and persistence always play an important role. Because without him Nutrition and his Habits There is always room for change in the long run Diet without success.

Another point is as follows. Every body is different. As a result, not all diets are suitable for every body. We'll show you how to find a diet that can work for you and your needs.

Low carb diet. Low carb diet

This low carb diet especially suitable for you if you want to lose weight long-term and then maintain your body weight. Diet can help you manage your… to stabilize blood sugar levels and: Reduce food cravings. Besides. If insulin levels drop, fat burning is stimulated.

A look at your living conditions shows just a little exercise in your daily life, for example, you mostly work at a desk. A low-carb diet can fit well into your daily life and may hold promise for your weight loss. However, if you are physically active in your daily life and, for example, do intense sports, your body's need for carbohydrates will also be greater. In this case, a low-carb diet will be less suitable for you, because you should not completely miss out on urgently needed carbohydrates.

Good to know. Reduce from carbohydrates in the form of bread, pasta or even sweets and juice bottles, you should more healthy fats – eg vegetable oils and marine fish to do this Reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Protein in the form of lean fish and meat, eggs, milk and dairy products, and legumes are also very important.

A low-fat diet that's gentle on the body

Like the low-carb diet, this diet is especially good for you if you lweight in the long run Do you want to lose weight and then maintain your body weight? It pace However, weight loss can a little more moderate in this version, but it will gentler on your body. This diet can also help you stabilize your blood sugar levels and reduce cravings.

Please considerUnlike the classic low-carb diet, with this version, as the name suggests, you reduce fat as much as possible. You must distinguish between “good” and “bad” fatsFor example, avoid highly processed foods such as processed foods or butter, nuts and bacon and instead choose low-fat foods such as cottage cheese, low-fat fish, lean meats and lots of fruit and vegetables. One of the most important rules of this diet is that the foods you consume should contain no more than 30% fat. You should also only eat when you are actually hungry – and stop as soon as your body sends you the first signals of satiety.

Benefits: Although studies have shown that a low-carb diet caused subjects to lose more body fat, Statistically, a low-fat diet is more successful in the long run. Because it's easier to avoid fat than carbs. If you're also physically active, you don't need the carbs you need on a low-fat diet.

Dehydrate and lose body fat. Keto diet

This slightly more radical form of low-carb dieting has been proven to help Actually reduce weight. For example, if you have type 2 diabetes, the keto diet may hold promise for you because it can effectively reduce insulin resistance.

Thalia book tip. anti-inflammatory cuisine. finally with a healthy and tailored alkaline diet

Mainly. If you can manage to temporarily avoid carbs altogether and instead focus more on healthy fats and proteins, the keto diet can be very effective for you. Your body will then have to draw its energy from these healthy fats and proteins; This process is called ketosis, hence the name of the diet. During ketosis, your body processes fats into carb-like substitutes. through drainage and of course also through Distribution of fat reserves you can lose body fat.

Good to know. However, you are prone to hyperacidity.will be keto diet not recommended to you In addition to making this diet quite difficult due to the “invisible” carbohydrates that are present in many foods without our knowledge, this type of diet can also lead to hyperacidity.

Either way, it's important to stick to the keto diet limited period implement and first Consult your doctor save before starting.

Intermittent or therapeutic fasting instead of strict dieting

If your main goal is to lose weight and lose weight in a relatively short period of time without incorporating a lot of exercise into your daily life, and if you can avoid eating for a certain period of time every day, then these diets can be: right for you. But be careful. Zero diets are generally not recommended, as they can cause nutrient deficiencies. Intermittent or therapeutic fasting works differently. Be it the so-called 24-hour diet, 5 to 2 or 16:8-hour diet; you eat almost nothing for one or two days or 16 hours, and on other days (or hours); ) you can eat normally.

Good to know. It is also possible use clear soups and broths. This is how therapeutic fasting works, for example, instead of solid food, you can use liquids in the form of vegetable broths or fasting teas for a certain period of time.

Please note. So that's it Fasting only burns fat and does not cause muscle lossrequired Meanwhile, do some exercise every day. Nothing strenuous, walks, light exercise or even swimming are fine and more effective than you think. It is also important to slowly increase the duration of the fast. Just a few days at first, up to 10 days a week next time, and so on. After fasting, you need to make long-term changes to your diet and incorporate regular exercise into your daily routine. Otherwise, you will quickly regain the lost kilograms.

It doesn't just sound like a holiday, it's a Mediterranean diet

This form of diet not only looks festive, but also tastes fresh, light and delicious. This includes: no fixed meal plans, no calorie counting, and no exercise routines In addition. So, if you are looking for a diet where you don't have to starve yourself, but rather want to lose weight in a relaxed and healthy way over a longer period of time and, above all, explore the variety of pleasures of the Mediterranean region, this type of diet is the right choice for you.

Because. The Mediterranean diet is much more than a diet that focuses on abstinence, it is a healthy way of eating that can be sustainable and very tasty. Your menu features seasonal, freshly harvested foods that remind you of your last vacation in Italy or Greece; Salads with delicious olive oil, feta cheese and fragrant herbs, garlic pasta, fresh fish, fruits and vegetables.

Good to know. Many Studies have shown that this form of diet not only chealth promoting effects brings with it, but also Cardiovascular diseases minimized. So, if you are more of a foodie who wants to eat healthy and delicious in the long run, and also pay attention to your health, then you have found the right type of diet.

A lot of meat for the intestines. Paleo diet

Looking for someone? A diet high in meat and animal foodswhich also serves as a anti-inflammatory applies and Positively change the gut microbiome in the long term should, may be the hyped by many Paleo diet be the right diet for you.

Followers of this diet eat exclusively from foodwhich already eaten in the stone age became. The name of the diet comes from here. “Paleo” is the English abbreviation for the prehistoric period, also known as “Paleolithic” or “Old Stone Age”. If you eat a “paleo” diet, you can eat everything that people gathered, hunted, fished and collected thousands of years ago. Meat, vegetables, fruit, fish, seafood, and nuts are allowed, but grains, sugar, and dairy are prohibited..

It is important to know. This diet is quite difficult for vegetarians and vegans to followThe paleo diet is especially suitable for you if you like to eat a lot of animal fat. And. The Paleo diet includes many protein-rich foods on the menu, so it's important to eat high-quality meats, vegetables, and fruits. This can be costly in the long run, is not always easy to implement and is time consuming. Because. Anyone who eats a proper “paleo” diet eats only meat that has been raised species-appropriate and without additives.

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